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So, who is behind Fondant Dreams by Jaimee? Well, that’s a great question!

Part of the giveaway I guess is in the name (hehe), I am Jaimee, the face behind my brand. Fondant Dreams is my passion, and like so many other small businesses I am involved in everything from start to finish.

With over 10 years of experience, I have created so many different styles and designs of cakes, and been apart of so many amazing memories over the years. So if you would like a memory that tastes as great as it looks, then get in touch today!

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Specialist Cakes

Living in the lovely village of Eton Wick, close to central Windsor, I create all of my cakes from home in my cake cabin.

I have a 5-star food rating, full insurance and I’m fully registered. But let’s face it, that’s not what you really want to know, is it?!

Actually, I started my journey into cake baking back in 2012, when I wanted to create a cake for my sons 1st birthday. I dabbled in this for a couple of years whilst at home with the babies and then I attempted the almighty creation of a big celebration cake for my partners special 30th…..and I have never looked back.

I’m mostly self-taught, have a great eye for detail plus the perseverance of a saint to get my cakes perfect. Not only do I take pride in producing beautiful cakes, but its equally important to create delicious ones too.

So What Else?

To prove I am not just a cake making machine at Fondant Dreams by Jaimee, here are a few other random bits and bobs you might find interesting about me…

I have 3 lovely children (most of the time) and a long-term partner in crime, all of who are all my self-appointed and very honest taste testers. My family always push me to explore new flavours and types of recipes as well as alternatives, such as vegan. I love to keep busy and I’m very handy with a paintbrush and a drill too. Yes, I totally own a toolbox, so there is always a project on the go! So if you cant find me in the cake cabin, I’m most likely in my ‘she’ shed working on my next project or in the great outdoors with the family.

Follow me over on Instagram for lots of behind the scenes stories.

Fondant Dreams By Jaimee Celebration Cakes Windsor Berkshire
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