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At Fondant Dreams by Jaimee, I create bespoke cakes in Windsor, Berkshire. One of the most important aspects is making sure that enjoy and love the taste so I have a developed a great range of flavours for you to choose from. If you are also looking for something that is not on the menu, that doesn’t mean I can’t create it. So just ask and I will recommend the perfect flavour combination to best suit you.

Go and check out my latest flavours below for all cakes and cupcakes.


At Fondant Dreams by Jaimee, I create bespoke cakes for every customer. Prices will vary dependent on the design and size of your cake plus any additional extras such as toppers, flowers and other decorations.

Here is my ‘start from’ price guide to help give you an idea. As part of your enquiry, you will also be provided with a full no-obligation quote.

Transport & Storage

Now the last thing anyone would want is for the cake to get damaged before you get to your final destination or the quality of the cake being compromised. Ensuring that you follow the advice is really important to making sure the cake is safely delivered and enjoyed for your celebration.

Firstly, Always hold the cake box securely with 2 hands
Secondly, the cake should be placed in the footwell on the passenger side. This is the flattest surface and will limit any movement.
Be careful when driving, any sharp turns or quick brakes any cause the cake to move and get damaged.
Position your cake at a safe height away from any little hands or paws that might be tempted to touch (or taste).
All cakes should be kept in a cool place in the original box provided. Also, cakes should not be stored in the fridge as this will cause the cake to dry out.
All cakes are made fresh and with no preservatives, therefore they should be consumed within 48 hours to maintain the quality.
For more information about how to transport and store your cake, you can also contact me here to discuss in more detail.

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