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So welcome to my very first blog! I am Jaimee, the face behind Fondant Dreams by Jaimee, I am a cake maker in Windsor and Eton. To be honest this seems very surreal as I’m writing this. I never imagined (well I did, but only dreamt it) that I would be writing a blog for my very own website, that showcases my very own cakes! Eeeeeekkkkk!

I’m so grateful and proud to finally get started on my next chapter and it’s all feeling very real, professional and grown up! 

So, what should I be saying? Well, the truth is, I’m not totally sure just yet but I’m excited to figure it out. I am really looking forward to writing lots of helpful information about buying cakes, because seriously, who actually knows how many portions you will get from an 8″ cake? who knew that wedding portions are cut differently to general celebration portions, giving you more slices? Or how about wedding cake displays and how to make it a showstopper, avoiding the famous saying ‘nobody puts Baby in the corner?’, or in our case, Cakes! There is so much that I’m looking forward to talking about and they are only a few of the topics I have in mind so far. My mind is spinning right now with lots more too.

OK, so what can I tell you now? Well, I could tell you all about me but to be honest that’s mostly covered here so go and have a read when you get a minute. I can tell you what I do though and that is bespoke cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings and more, you name your occasion and I can create you a gorgeous cake for it. 

I can also tell you all about what you will get when you order with me. Yes, the cake is definitely part of it, but I offer so much more. Not only can you trust that you will get a beautiful bespoke cake that tastes great. You will also get a relaxed, comfortable and simple experience, making cake ordering with me a breeze! I will help you figure out the perfect design, flavour and size so you don’t have to worry about anything. Leaving you to enjoy your occasion, stress-free. And if you are still not sure, then have a little look over my latest testimonials here.

I hope you are as excited as me on my next chapter for Fondant Dreams by Jaimee. Make sure you go and have a nosy on all of my other pages too or feel free to check out my latest creations over at Facebook and Instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to finish reading my very first cake maker in Windsor and Eton blog. Now that I’m truly grateful!

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